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Hi everyone!

This month’s colloquium will be this Friday at 2pm in the HHIVE (524 Greenlaw).

Since February is all about hearts and Frankenstein is my valentine, this month we’re diving into “the red market” (the over- and underground system through which human parts are bought and sold).

To Read (Frankenstein Patent.pdf): A fascinating article called “Patenting Frankenstein’s Monster: Exploring the Patentability of Artificial Organ Systems and Methodologies.” If you’re crunched for time, jump from the introduction to page 55.

To Hear (link here): An interview with Scott Carney: investigative journalist, anthropologist, and author of one of my favorite books, The Red Market. This interview is basically a breakdown of the book, with lots of food for thought. Skip the first minute and a half (oh, podcasts, you’re all sell-outs).

Free food!: LMCC is brought to you by Panera, kinda. If you want a free box lunch sign up hereby Wednesday night.

Invite everyone you know. Come even if you haven’t read. Be ready to watch my favorite video from The Onion. See you Friday!

Calvin and Nick

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