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The Literature, Medicine, and Culture Colloquium (LMCC) is an informal working and reading group of graduate and professional students (along with faculty, librarians, and a few undergrads) who meet monthly to talk about all things related to the intersections of literature, medicine, and culture. Although the vast majority of our members are part of the UNC community, we are also open to meaningful participation from members of other universities, colleges, or other institutions.

In the past, we’ve met to workshop conference papers or other works-in-progress, discuss shared readings, and review journal articles. LMCC is a growing, energized organization for grad students in English and beyond. Drawing on a diverse array of personal and disciplinary perspectives, LMCC participants explore health and medical narratives, popular and professional health discourses, and other topics in the health humanities.

For more information, explore this site including notes on past meetings, upcoming events, and useful resources.

To join our email list, please contact one of our Co-Directors: 



Front cover of Meek's Reimagining Illness (2023)

April 2024 Meeting Announcement

The Literature, Medicine, and Culture Colloquium (LMCC) at UNC is excited our next meeting, which will also be our final meeting of the semester! We will meet on Wednesday, April 24 at 5:30pm in UNC’s HHIVE Lab, also known as … Read more

Figure 1.1 (Fullwiley p. 16)

March 2024 Meeting: Fullwiley’s The Enculturated Gene

Our March 2024 LMCC meeting took place on Wednesday, March 27 at 5:30pm via Zoom. (Because of the expected storm and because Thursday was a campus Well-Being Day, we opted to hold this meeting exclusively via Zoom. For our April … Read more

March 2024 Meeting Announcement

IMPORTANT EDIT: This meeting will take place via Zoom only. We will NOT meet in the HHIVE Lab for this meeting at all, so to participate, please join us via Zoom. (For our April meeting, we plan to meet in … Read more

Figure 1.1: Factors associated with preterm birth, an infographic from the CDC (Davis p. 42).

Feb. 2024 Meeting: Davis’s Reproductive Injustice

Our February 2024 LMCC meeting took place on Wednesday, February 28 at 5:30pm in UNC’s HHIVE Lab (Greenlaw 524) and via Zoom. We discussed Reproductive Injustice: Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth by Dána-Ain Davis (NYU Press, 2019). Specifically, we discussed: … Read more